Heights of ineptitude

Another 13th.. another blast.. another set of precious lives lost.. another set of condolence messages.. and another day..

How long would this ineptitude last..

How long should we keep carrying this burden of ineptitude of our inept leaders..

How long should we keep thinking ” chalta hai, koi pakistani hoga”…

How long should we keep ruing for lost opportunities..

This has been going on and on since years and we do not have a proper security mechanism. We keep losing precious lives. We keep getting angry. We keep thinking about we ourselves being safe. and then we keep forgetting.

We need to realize that we are losing the value of human life..

We need to realize that we have been losing opportunities to enable change..

What angers me is that being a country that prepares countless number of software engineers every year we lack in the very thought of being capable of utilizing that talent to create innovations that would save our country.

Imagine at thoughts of these..

Installing camera’s at every major junction in city to monitor traffic : This way you would keep a track of traffic and traffic management which is a direct fallout, also you can monitor the movements in case of 9/11 incident. Also, you can have a spurt in the job creation in terms of manufacturing of cameras, the software for using the pictures so forth and so on..

Fingerprint reader enabled card for major establishments and on driving licenses  : This way you can monitor a lot of movement and also be capable of handling major issues like vehicle theft, identity theft. Looking at the unseen advantages, you have a multi billion dollar software business opportunity lying just to be tapped. If you can have it in US, why not in India.

There are many countless innovations, which most of us have thought, but we do not tend to force our elected representatives to work on, thus depriving ourselves a chance to change our future and also our country’s.

What we would see tomorrow is same blame game.. Some idiot would come in a changed sherwani and he would be the bakra who needs to be replaced.

It is upon us to take charge of our common sense and awaken it from it’s deep slumber. Look’s like we need another Netaji Bose to awaken us and ask for our blood.

May the countless souls who lost their precious lives because of our ineptitude may have peace. And also to those who will die tomorrow, day after and the day after and keep losing because of our indecisive apathy.


How’s this for GoneSense

I don’t Care for Arogyasri, not here for charity: Doc

I am not a big fan of Arogyasri or for that matter don’t even know it. But here is a gross injustice being meted out to people who want to avail such facilities.

” The attitude of doctors and hospital administration towards Arogyasri and non-Arogyasri patients differs for obvious reasons.

In the Banjara Hills branch of Care, the Arogyasri patients department is not even inside the posh hospital building but at the back, adjacent to the parking lot.

Similar is the situation in most corporate hospitals.”

Don’t we think we need to do something.

GoneSense is Back.

A lot of water has flown down the bridge since I last had updated this blog. It is not that I don’t have free time. I have a lot of free time. I think a lot. I do research a lot. Right from why is it always night in LA when it’s sunny in Hyderabad to why should I work at all. Most of the times my research does not go anywhere. It meanders and meanders and meanders. Well, I can’t really explain how badly it keeps shuttling between the ends of the worlds if you think there are any :).

Now, I am back again. And hope that I keep blogging regularly. The anger, the bellicose, the Contentiousness with which I started the blog, never really fizzled out. It was just that I wanted to know where all this would go. How would it really help every one of us in creating a better society.

There are at least a few hundreds of sites where people can complain, where people can sulk, spam, s**t on whomsoever they want. But things would not get done, at least 99% of the times. I did not want my effort to join that growing list.

I wanted to do something different. That kind of spreads democracy in a crazy way. That enables people, proactive people to take up things, and get things moving. I wanted to bring about a real change in the way us, our juniors and our future generation in India and the world starts thinking and start working towards a world that works on logical sense rather than the whims and fancies and fears of the people who think themselves as the ones who matter.

All these days, the effort was to bring out a plan, a roadmap which would give a direction to this whole effort.

And probably I did over think you could say.  But now that I am back, I have a lot of things which I want to do.

First among them is to gather online following. No effort is possible with single human hand. Even to clap we need two hands. So we need followers who would want to do something which makes life better. Someone who can be tomorrow’s leaders. Someone who would say this is not the way I want India to be. Someone who would resist giving a bribe to the Police, Someone who would not jump the line at the ticket counter and would not mind buying it online.  That would help build our self sustained IT industry too.

Secondly, I am in the process of setting up a social network that would help people connect with those who share similar ideals and ideas. The world is becoming a smaller, simpler and social place. And this is the time when we could/should come together and bring better ideas to the table to make this world a better, safer place than what it really is.

Last but not the least, we want to move the people who are in the positions of importance ( or atleast they think so) to understand that it is time we will not live with substandard life and substandard decisions and we expect people to start changing.

So, join me in creating a network that does really does something that is social. And that’s what I call GoneSense. A social change platform.

Let’s GoneSense.

A friend’s Contribution…

Someone said, I dont know who said, but your life becomes meaningful if you can change atleast one person.

I always believed that I had capabilities to change a lot of people even though I speak very little, but because I am too lazy to speak. But then I showed one friend of mine this site of mine and he jumped in to help me with what all photos he can take. Actually quite a few of my friends said that but this guy came up first with pictures.

And he is a photographer and quite a good one at that. And to make matters even more interesting he is the official logo designer of “GoneSense” website. :). Its a WIP and would keep you updated.

Now for the photos.

These are somewhere near the SanathNagar bridge. And look at the monkeys on the bike ride gonesenseless.

I strongly believe none of them would have obtained their driving licenses in legal manner.

These are just a few of the monkeys. As a matter of fact there a couple of GoneSenseLess monkeys with even more sophisticated attitude.

I promise to bring them to you very soon.

Till then you could be a fan of my GoneSense Facebook Page

Do check my friend’s flicker Page

The tryst of my local MLA

It was a nice chilly morning at 830, when I came on to main as usual on my way to office.

I saw this cluster of people crowded around a person who was shouting at something he was not happy. I tried to get a better glimpse of this man. He had two gun totting guys around him too. I assumed he must be an MLA or MLC and when I got a closer look, I found he was our local MLA. G Kishan Reddy.

The Man of the moment immersed among his followers

I didnt go and talk to him as I was on my way to office and didn’t want to disturb him in his daily meetings.

But, what frustrated and inspired me to come back to this blog again after months were the condition of the roads and the traffic jam that he was causing. I believe that these politicians love to cause traffic jams which shows them the clout that they have.

He was on a road which was about 20-25% tormented by the drainage guys who had dug a neat road and then repaired it with uneven cement road thus making 20-25% of it completely unusable for vehicular traffic.

And then another 10% of that road is useless because there is a electric pole almost in the middle of the road.

Another 10-15% of the road is rendered useless because of parking of vehicles even though you have “No Parking” signs displayed which have been confidently crashed down.

And the rest is almost 50-55% of an awesome road. I wonder what Kishen Reddy has been doing to see the roads like these get repaired.

The Jam Creator

There are uncountable potholes and I think in a few years, you might see people sleeping on the roads and ask vehicles to pass through alternate route. Such is the dare of the guys who walk and cross the roads these days and even Kishan Reddy and his followers are few of them.

I remember those days when I went to polling booth just to vote for this young man. But I have learnt my lesson.

Welcome to my Gonesense.com


I am sure most of you would be coming from my gonesense site. As of now it is not of high quality, but please do keep visiting as I have some interesting stories lined up for you.

Also in case any of you would like to share pics of your place where you feel sense has gone out of window please do share.

Will be back soon 🙂

Back again.


For all those who have been wondering what my site is all about, thanks for visiting it, as it gives me an inspiration to keep going. I have been hooked to “Starting up” on ET NOW. I have always been fascinated with start up and wanted to start something right from my +2 days. I always thought I had a great idea which I can build on become a millionaire, billionaire but then I never had time to spend a lot of time or do a tinkering with its business models and revenue models as I kept ideas after ideas and would soon forget the previous idea :P.

Well all things for another day for another blog, when I do really indeed startup something on my own. Today I am back with a few more pics of the Khairatabad flyover. I really feel sad the way people have been damaging it, more so it has been dedicated to one of the best engineers pre-independence India has produced. The sheer negligence to one of the arteries of hyderabad is appaling given the fact that there would be a chaos of maximum scale if this bridge goes into repair.

Apart from neglecting, I find people absolutely senseless while using it. Look at this old man who should guide his grandsons in not doing such things but is a part of it. Shame on you old man.

Old Man Breaking Rules

A few more. those of techies. Those who participate in all kinds of social services at their offices and then forget everything once they leave their clothes.

One special guy, dares to break rules by removing AP and putting in TG. And looks like he is worried about pollution too.

techies breaking rules

Techies riding on footpath

One more, this after following this guy for a short distance. There are quite a bunch of idiots like this guy. Thinking as if flyover is their road.

Bunch of idoits on flyover

Bunch of idoits on flyover

I believe it is time people take things into their hand and do something to preserve the hyderabad footpaths. I am of the opinion neither GHMC nor HUDA is doing anything. They are busy counting money.

Read this article in “The Hindu” ( Not mine though )


Really a pathetic state of footpaths in India.